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How To Avoid Costly Repairs for Fridges and Freezers

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Most people can agree that one of the most important appliances in your household is your fridge or freezer. Fridges and freezers are perhaps the most used appliances in your home and probably work the hardest, being on all day every day.

Nobody understands how vital a fully functioning fridge and freezer is to your household than those who have had to struggle without one. That’s why it’s important that your fridge is well maintained so that you don’t end up in a situation of needing a costly repair or new purchase. Here at PAR Services, we’re refrigeration experts. While we specialise in commercial refrigeration and air conditioning, we understand the importance of looking after your home appliances to keep your household running smoothly. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our very own top tips to avoid costly repairs for your fridges and freezers.

1. Keep Your Fridges & Freezers Stocked

You may think that keeping a reduced amount of items in your fridge or freezer reduces the risk of overworking your appliance. In fact, fridges and freezers are designed to work better when they’re fully stocked. A fridge or freezer that has lots of open space has to work much harder to keep the temperatures low and keep your food cool, so keeping your fridge and freezer stocked is more efficient than not. If you have a fridge or freezer that you can’t fully stock for whatever reason, try storing bottles of water or ice in them to use up some space. Your fridge and freezer will be more efficient and you’ll have cold, refreshing drinking water and ice readily available.

2. Keep The Doors Closed

It may seem a redundant point to make, but you need to ensure that the doors to your fridges and freezers remain closed as much as possible. Each time you open the doors to your fridge and freezer, the warm air from the room is allowed to get inside the appliance, as well as let the cold air escape. The longer you leave fridges and freezers open, the harder they have to work to regulate. Try and cut down the amount of time you spend pondering the contents of your fridge and freezer or stocking up after a food shop. Keeping doors closed is especially important in the circumstances of a power cut, when there is no electricity to keep the inside cold. In the event of a power cut, a fridge will generally be able to keep food at a stable temperature for 5 hours, so long as the doors are kept closed. For a freezer, keeping the doors closed during a power cut can keep food frozen for an additional 48 hours if the doors are kept closed.

3. Check Seals Often

The seals on your fridge and freezer are designed to block and keep in the cold air. Broken or loose seals on fridges and freezers allows the cold air on the inside to escape, meaning your appliance has to work harder to work properly, if at all. To keep your seals in good condition it’s important to clean them of any dirt buildup, residue or food debris. If you want to check if your fridge and freezer door seals are working as they should, you can do the paper test. Feed a piece of paper through the fridge or freezer door so that it pokes out either side. If you close the door and the paper stays in the same place, your seals are fine. If the paper falls, you will need to get your seals checked.

4. Keep Coils Clean

The biggest job for maintaining your fridge or freezer is keeping the coils clean. Most people don’t think about maintaining the coils, which means dirt and dust often collects around them and affects how well your fridge or freezer works. Checking your coils are clean at least twice a year is all it takes to keep them in good working condition. Cleaning them is as easy as vacuuming away the dust and build-up, and either using a brush to get around the coils to loosen dirt, or using a brush-attachment on your vacuum. Make sure that the appliances are unplugged before you start cleaning, and be careful when lifting any heavy appliances.

PAR Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Services

There are many ways you can avoid costly repairs for fridges and freezers. Prevention of damage or wear through good, regular maintenance is the first step to making your fridges and freezers last longer. However, if you do find yourself in need of a fridge or freezer repair, PAR Services can help. We have the highest quality technicians available in the Yorkshire area. If you want to know more about how air conditioners can cool down your home, give us a call on 01924 872109, or fill out our contact form to find out more about the importance of air conditioning.