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5 Common Walk-In Freezer Problems

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If you’re a commercial business that relies on walk-in freezers, a problem with your freezer could be damaging to your bottom line. The costs of commercial freezer repairs can be off-putting, but a quick and cost-effective repair can save your walk-in freezer from costly bigger repairs or even replacements down the line. For minimal disruption to your business and assurance down the line, it’s best to get walk-in freezer problems fixed as soon as possible. Here are the most common walk-in freezer problems we encounter on a daily basis that are vital, yet affordable, to fix right away.

A Build-Up Of Frost

If you notice a build-up of frost in your commercial walk-in freezer it could mean that the temperatures inside aren’t stable. This not only causes items to melt and refreeze again, making them unsafe for consumption, but is also an indication that humidity levels are causing excess condensation in your freezer. A build-up of frost by the freezer doors is also an indication that the freezer seals aren’t stopping warm air from leaking inside. If you check your gaskets and find there is damage, this will need to be fixed by a professional as soon as possible. On the other hand, if you are experiencing continual frost build-up problems with your walk-in freezer and can’t see any signs of damage that may be causing it, you’ll need to have a professional inspection to identify the issue.

Inconsistent Temperatures

A build-up of frost isn’t the only indicator of inconsistent temperatures in your walk-in freezer. If you find that the temperature of your freezer is constantly changing without due cause, it could well be the work of a faulty sensor that is fluctuating and causing problems. It could also simply be an indication of bad staff habits. If the freezer doors are left open for too long or aren’t being closed properly, this will affect how well the freezer can regulate the temperature, making it work harder and wearing it out quicker. This can lead to costly replacements being needed sooner, affecting your bottom line. If you are confident that your walk-in freezer is being used properly and you are still experiencing inconsistent temperatures, it’s time to call a professional to get it looked at.

Stale Smells

Another common problem for walk-in freezers is a lingering or fluctuating stale smells. Some smells may well be caused by what is being stored, while other stale smells could be an indicator that products are defrosting and not freezing as they should, another indicator of faulty temperature control. However, the most common cause of stale smells in walk-in freezers is a coolant leak. If your condenser is old it may be worn out or malfunctioning and in need of replacement. Or there may be a fault in a component that is causing coolant to leak. Getting an inspection is a good way to identify the cause of stale smells in your walk-in freezer.

Noisy Freezers

An obvious sign of mechanical problems are noisy freezers. While most walk-in freezers will have some sort of hum, anything louder or inconsistent is a sure sign that your cooler is malfunctioning. A struggling cooler will need professional inspection and repair from a technician who can identify exactly what the problem is and what the best steps are to take to get your freezer back up and running properly.

Leaking Water

One of the most common problems seen in walk-in freezers is leaking water. This is obviously a serious problem as freezers that leak water clearly aren’t working correctly. Faulty or old insulation can cause temperatures to drop in your freezer and stop it from working effectively. Damaged seals are also a cause of leaking water in your walk-in freezer. Broken freezer seals can cause warm air to leak inside and drop temperatures. Not only does this overwork your freezer but it can lead to dangerous mould that is a serious health hazard to staff and contaminate your customers.

PAR Refrigeration Services

Like any appliance, a walk-in freezer will need maintenance and repairs from time to time. PAR Refrigeration Services offer commercial refrigerator maintenance and repair, ensuring your walk-in freezer lasts longer. If you are experiencing problems with your walk-in freezer it’s best to get the issue looked into as quickly as possible. PAR have the highest quality technicians available in the Yorkshire area and can help get your freezer up and running as normal again. Give us a call on 01924 872109, or fill out our contact form to book an appointment.