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How To Cool Down Your Pets This Summer

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As the summer rolls around we’re all bracing through the heat and preparing for the glorious sunshine. While we can make sure our families wear sunscreen and monitor our kids time outdoors, it’s not so easy to control the exposure our pets have to the heat. Dehydration and sunstroke can be fatal for your pets, so here’s our tips to cool down your pets for summer.

air conditioning can be used this summer to cool down your pets

Keeping Pets Cool

Air conditioning for pets isn’t a new idea, but as the summers get hotter people are taking extra steps to keep their pets safe. There are some standard practices that should be followed regardless of what type of pet you have. Never leave a pet in a car or conservatory on a hot day, even if you have the windows open. Always provide plenty of water for your pets and get some pet friendly sunscreen. Pets with white fur are more likely to burn and can get skin cancer if sunscreen isn’t used to protect their ears and noses.

Cats and dogs have different needs and action should be taken relevant to their requirements.

How To Cool Down A Cat

Ice Cubes

Adding a few ice cubes to your cat’s water bowl throughout the day is a great way to cool down a cat. This will keep it cool, and help refresh for your cat.

Damp Tea Towel

Placing a damp cloth in the fridge for 15-20 minutes and then draping it over your cat while it sleeps can help keep its temperature down and make it more comfortable.

Create Shade

Cats will likely naturally seek out shade in hot weather, but creating extra areas of shade around your home, especially near windows or in conservatories, will give your cat an escape from the blaring sun. Something as simple as draping some sheets can be beneficial in blocking out the rays and cool down your cat.

Air Conditioning

If your cat has a favourite spot to sleep it might be worth investing in an air conditioner to place strategically in the area to get some circulation going, lower the temperature and cool down your cat.

How To Cool Your Dog Down

Wet Towel

A tea towel or cloth won’t cut it if you want to cool down your dog. Try something bigger like a wet towel from the fridge or freezer. Wrap it around your dog and give some relief from the heat.

Paddling Pool

If your dog loves to splash around then getting a paddling pool for your garden is a sure step to keeping it cool.

Avoid Midday Walks

Midday is when it will be the hottest, so try and avoid walking your dog at this time to avoid discomfort. The pavement can get very hot at midday and burn your dogs paw pads, so opting for a cooler walk time at mid morning or early evening is ideal.

Walkies With Water

When you take your dog for a walk make sure you bring water with you. Any exercise your dog does will add to potential dehydration, so it’s important to keep it hydrated.

Remember that pets can get sunstroke just like us. Preventing overexposure to heat is the best way to avoid fatal sunstroke, but knowing the signs of pet sunstroke may also prevent tragedy. Excessive panting in cats and dogs, lethargy and any unusual behaviour on very hot days can be a sign of shock from sunstroke. Keeping your pets cool in summer can save their lives. 

Air Conditioning For The Whole Family

An air conditioner is the perfect solution to keeping your family cool for summer. Your pets can be kept comfortable and safe with an air conditioning unit. Air conditioning units can be used to cool down, but can also improve your mood and help you sleep on hot nights. 
At PAR Refrigeration we can supply domestic air conditioning for your entire family, including your pets. If you want to know more about how air conditioners can cool down your home, give us a call on 01924 872109, or fill out our contact form to find out more about the importance of air conditioning.