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How To Tackle Common Refrigerator Issues

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Your refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in your home. It’s on all day and keeps your food edible. Without a functioning fridge you can’t go about your day to day life. If your fridge goes wrong you’ll want it back up and running as soon as possible. But what if you could save money by trying to tackle common refrigerator issues yourself? While it’s always better to get a professional to fix your refrigerator, if you’re trying to save some money there are a few issues you can attempt to look at yourself. Here are some basic solutions to common refrigerator issues.

Frost-free Freezer Building Up Ice

When looking to tackle common refrigerator issues, this is one of the ones we hear the most. This issue is usually caused by a door gasket leaking. A leaking door gasket will cause the cold air inside to escape, meaning your freezer has to work extra hard to keep cold. This causes a build up in your freezer even if it’s frost free. The best thing to do to check your door gasket is to put a flashlight into the freezer at night, pointing outwards towards the door. When the fridge door is closed, turn the lights off and see how much light is escaping through the edges. If there is light escaping, this means your gasket isn’t secure and is leaking cold air. You’ll need to call a professional to fix or replace your gasket.

Puddle Of Water In Refrigerator

Another common refrigerator issue we deal with is puddles of water in the fridge. A constant build up of water is a sign that your drain tube is blocked up and stopping residue escaping. This is a relatively easy issue to deal. You will need to remove the fridge plug from the power supply and then turn the fridge around. There is a drain plug on the back of fridge which you will need to open up and clean out. Using water and some bleach, flush the pipes and clean the drain pan under the fridge. This is one of the easier problems you can solve, and you can save yourself money by trying to tackle common refrigerator issues yourself rather than calling a technician.

Refrigerator Isn’t Cold Enough

Another way to tackle common refrigerator issues can be to clean your condenser coils. When dust and dirt builds up in these coils it can cause your fridge to not run cold enough to keep your fridge chilled even on the highest setting. If you find that your fridge runs ok but is still not cold enough, try giving your condenser coils a thorough dusting. It is worth noting that not all fridges have condenser coils that are easily accessible to clean. Most coils are either on the back of the fridge or the bottom, and some are on the top. If you can’t access the coils easily, leave it to a professional. If you own pets or your fridge is located in a dusty area you may need to clean the coils regularly to avoid build up and damage to the coils.

When Should You Call A Professional?

Some people are happy to tackle common refrigerator issues themselves. However, there are many circumstances where you won’t be able to do this yourself and a professional will need to be called in. If you’re trying to determine whether you can tackle your fridge problem yourself, here are a few instances where you absolutely need a trained professional:

-If you hear a hissing noise
-If the fridge isn’t cooling
-If there’s oily residue inside the freezer
-If there is damage to the condenser coils
-If there is water leaking from the appliance
-If the outer shell is sweating

If you do find yourself in need of a fridge or freezer repair, PAR Services can help. We have the highest quality technicians available in the Yorkshire area. If you want to know more about how air conditioners can cool down your home, give us a call on 01924 872109, or fill out our contact form to find out more about the importance of air conditioning.